Our workflow software is a versatile business software platform which includes only the facilities you require such as contact management, set-periodic invoicing, order processing, removals, small-business management, visitor logging and inventory management that are further customisable - you choose the parts you need. Our software solution comes either as standard or can be customised to suit your exact needs.


We are a FileMaker Database, Workflow Management software and Web Development agency, our work involves business across the UK, Europe and the USA. Your data, in one place will reduce time spent, which will save you money. Customer data, orders, invoices, products and anything else you keep. Simplify by centralising.


New Additions to our Portfolio

New Additions to our Portfolio We are pleased to have added some new additions to our portfolio of software. Along with our existing removals and storage software, we have added a new steel-bending solution which conforms to existing shape code and BS-8666 specifications. We also now have the capacity to connect directly to Xero account systems to 'push' and 'pull' data. This means (if you wish to) the option is there to create clients, products, invoices etc then 'push' the information into your accounting system securely. No more entering information twice, this is now done for you at the push of a button.

Create cutting lists with ease then print all related info from that point including delivery notes and labels if required,

Quick, easy, efficient.

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Bespoke vs Off the Shelf

Bespoke vs Off the Shelf

When it comes to the age old question of bespoke vs off the shelf software, there is no correct answer - what suits one company may not suit another. That is why we work with you to find the optimum FileMaker software solution which will work best for you. Any system we create can offer CRM, invoicing, maintenance tracking, scheduling, period automatic billing and many other features.

We have versions of our products which will drop into many companies and will organise what you do with the minimum of set up, there are occasions when you need the software to do more. You may have a particular work method which is specific to you. There might be a process which sets you apart from the others, but is a necessary link in the chain. That's not a problem - we can help with that.

We have worked with companies to arrive at a solution which suits their needs completely and caters for the requirements of their system. We have written software entirely based on current work practices within a business, taking what they currently do and making it more central and efficient.

Is It Expensive?

The simple and honest answer to that question is no, not always. The off-the-shelf solutions can cost as little as £500! It is an obvious fact that bespoke software will cost more but we work within your budgets and can create what you need within your parameters.

Contact us for a chat and a free appraisal if you wish.

Generate Invoices Automatically

A short 1 minute video to show how easy it is to have the system check which invoices are due, then generate them automatically

Our Easy Recurring Payments System

The short (1 minute) video we have created below shows you how simple it is to manage recurring invoices. With the push of a button you can create and send all invoices based on whichever period of time each customer is renting for (weekly, monthly, half yearly etc.)

Data Management
Data Management

In almost every case, companies keep their data in a variety of places. Excel spreadsheets, Access database files and also manual records. To view records, users move between locations to find what they need.

Data Management
Workflow Systems
Workflow Systems

Our systems take data management several steps forward. Instead of holding and managing data, with a work management system you can interact with the data to simplify your daily routine

Workflow Systems
Responsive Websites
Responsive Websites

We build finely-tuned, exemplary web applications that are easy on the eye, simple to use and flawless in their functionality. We build, quick, responsive web systems which work on any device

Website Development
A Central System Saves Time and Money?

Bespoke Systems Software written specially for your way of working can help your organisation

  1. Work more efficiently
  2. Cut time-wasting
  3. Automate processes (like email sending)
  4. Automate invoicing
  5. Improve marketing and customer relationships
Our Services include

With our systems you can access your data from the web, iPhone, iPad, desktop or laptop on Windows and Mac

  • CRM systems
  • Manage your workflow
  • Stock control systems
  • Database development
  • Modern responsive websites
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