Case Studies

Lincoln City FC

When we first began to work with Lincoln City Football Club, they already had a well-organised and disciplined setup. All paperwork was completed and returned in a timely and orderly fashion, staff had a role and were comfortable within that role, a board of directors who were firmly behind the organisation and a Youth Department who had a place for everything and everything in its place. What use were we in a case like that? An obvious question with a simple answer! We would help them to streamline and manage their data in an orderly way which would allow for multiple users to access at will.

Our first task was to look at the existing data management system and identify how it could be improved. We had, in the past maintained and re-organised the database used to store not only names and addresses, but also relevant dates and squad info. The system was beginning to become a little slow and cumbersome due to the outmoded method of storage. Although working, it would be better served becoming a multi-user, heirarchical system with security and access levels. The system was held on one PC which was operated by a member of staff who had access to the system when they were in the office. This person was very efficient when it came to managing and updating the system and had to this point done a very good job, it just needed to be made available to a wider user-base.

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Removals and Storage Company

A company who specialise in the relocation and storage industry contacted us looking to find a solution to a problem they had. When we arrived, they were still using a clipboard and pen to measure the items and quantity within a property. Whilst this was effective and did what they needed, they knew there was a better way.

After seeing how they carried out their estimating and the subsequent work involved afterwards, we set about creating a solution. From this, StorM was born!

The problem they had was that the offices held a mixture of both Windows-based and Apple computers. They needed a solution which would work on both platforms. We had something similar previously when we created a web-based solution but the company wanted something which would be in-house.

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Construction Company

We were contacted by a construction company who had always managed their data using a mixture of spreadsheets, database and hard copy.  They knew this was a system that needed to be modernised yet retain the simplicity they had become accustomed to.

We were tasked with carrying out a complete analysis of their current work method and building a system around what they did.  This involved us spending time with them and watching how things worked (we were even roped into lifting at one point!) before building an outline construct of what we proposed.  They system itself was easy to understand, it just needed to be built in an electronic way.

The screenshot shown above shows what we built and what it can do. The system is designed to be used by 4 office staff and is managed by one of those users. Data is centralised so that all see the same information, 3 users can update and 1 is view-only.

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